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Putting your wealth in someone else’s hands is a daunting idea. But in the right hands, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Each one of our advisors has been hand-picked for their experience and knowledge, as well as their commitment to giving back to their communities.

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Nat Daley

Financial Adviser & Managing Partner

Nat is a formidable financial planner who knows that the planning process is the true secret to success. His solid investment background is the reason clients seek him out. His results are why they trust him.

Nat’s investment strategy isn’t restricted to money. He invests in new knowledge, he invests in building relationships, and most importantly, he invests in his clients so they can achieve their dreams. He believes that if you want something enough, you will make it happen.

Nat mentors undergraduate finance students at Griffith University’s Commerce Association, helping them connect the dots between theory and practice. A lifelong surfer, he is also the Club Captain at the Evans Head Malibu Club.

Cody Harmon

Financial Adviser & Managing Partner

Cody’s background in financial planning and his gift for critical thinking to increase clients’ net worth over time make him a talented and exceptional adviser. He has seen first-hand how incorrect financial advice brought financial stress to his parents, and this drives him to make sure his clients receive only the best advice for their needs.

His skill as an adviser was nationally recognised in 2016 when he became the youngest ever winner of the FPA’s AFP® Australian Financial Planner of the Year. Cody also has numerous other academic awards, and has even created content for Griffith University’s Masters in Financial Planning degree.

Cody coordinates the Armadale Community Garden in Melbourne and is a mentor to undergraduate students studying economics and finance at RMIT University

Jayden Post

Financial Adviser and Partner

Jayden brings a unique perspective to financial planning. His technical and strategic approach to the field, along with his tenacity and drive developed as an elite AFL athlete, make him as a highly sought-after adviser.

He believes financial stress is the main reason people stop pursuing their passions and goals. He makes it his mission to remove that stress and empower his clients to live their life by design, not by chance.

Jayden is a financial mentor at Project Empire, a business designed to empower women by giving them the tools to grow their ideas into businesses and opportunities. He is also the assistant coach at the Altona Vikings Football Club.

He is currently completing his Masters in Financial Planning.

Amy Rose

Client Manager

Amy is the smiling face and voice of Hard Line Wealth. She is the ultimate people person. She loves helping clients and the Hard Line Wealth team wherever she can. When something needs to be implemented, Amy makes it happen.

She believes in loyalty and positivity. She works hard to make sure each adviser has what they need to help their clients reach their financial goals.

Amy enjoys spending time with her friends and family, all while capturing photographs as keepsakes. She believes that every day is full of new and exciting opportunities.

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