In the end, we’ll all arrive at the same destination. And like it or not, we will all come to the same conclusion. The conclusion that money is not that important. Money is only valuable to the point where it allows us to enjoy a life that is full of all those things that you love.

Since we don’t know what we don’t know, it’s possible that you’re not even aware of how much better your life could be with a shift in how you spent your time. Benjamin Franklin once said “Time is the stuff life is made of”. And less time spent worrying about your finances is vital to living a life that turns you on, allows you to enjoy the now with those you love, and fulfils your highest aspirations.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about those who spent their life working themselves to the bone, always putting their job first, and all the while they forgot to live. Let alone plan for their future. They could have ended with a broken family, unhappy, unhealthy, broke, old and still working, or even worse. All in the blink of an eye.

However, we must have faith in those stories that inspire us to move forward. For every negative there’s a positive. We’ve all hear stories of the average wage earner who showed up every day, kept his expenses low and put a little aside every week, who is now ‘living the life’.

Both stories are a product of simple maths and are a result of how they both spent their time. Every great accomplishment always has a sound strategy behind it, and creating the financial future you desire is no different. There is no argument that the goal setters of the world outpace the others who neglect to define what they want by a country mile.

You can do one of four things with any activity; do it, delegate it, delay it or drop it. You have probably noticed, as I have, that most people take care of their finances with the third method: delay. If spending time on your finances is drawing you away from what is really important in life, you need to seek help.