We know that in music, the end of the composition is not the point of the composition. If it were, people would go to concerts just to hear one crashing chord. Alan Watts, the late British philosopher, famously challenged the way people view life and he regularly compared life to music. He said, “We missed the point the whole way along. Life is a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance, while the music was being played”.

Managing your money should be no different. However, most people see wealth as a destination. This point in time that may eventually come. This ‘new world’ where the worries you feel today, will suddenly be gone tomorrow. However, wealth may not be what you first thought it was. Wealth is not the numbers in your bank account, nor the figure on your tax return. Not the car you drive, or even the house you woke up in today.

These things can obviously contribute to your wealth, but they are all just part of your journey. Henry David Thoreau defines wealth as, “the ability to fully experience life”. When it comes to your money, you must first acknowledge that you’re in charge, and that the decisions you make about your money are vital to your success. This is your money. Your journey. This is your life.

I have met young tradesman and professionals who are wealthier than their 60-year-old bosses. They may have opposing bank balances, but so too is their zest for life. This theme is not always consistent, but I want to highlight that money is ultimately not the most important part of being wealthy. But your attitude towards it is.

In my last article, I explained that you can do one of four things with any activity; do it, delegate it, delay it or drop it. Most people take care of their finances with the third method: delay. If you are in the same financial position you were in when you read my last article three months ago, or even worse off, you need to seek help.

Our vision at Hard Line Wealth is to be the best financial decision you will ever make. Our mission is to empower people to make smart choices, to live with clarity, and to have the confidence that their future is secure. We sit in your corner, and exist solely to support you on your journey.