You are a busy business owner building a successful business. You have conflicting profit centres due to every financial service provider trying to grab you and refer you into their networks. Most are also paid in a manner that is also conflicted and it’s not what is truly in your best interests.

Some Common Issues:

  • The property adviser wants you to buy property because that’s how they get paid.
  • The Investment only financial planner wants more funds in their products because that is how they get paid. They tell you to sell property and you are not sure if you can trust them.
  • The Accountant wants more compliance.
  • The lawyer wants more hourly rates so they nit-pick.
  • The broker wants you to gear up too hard too soon.
  • All of my paperwork and stuff is everywhere, I don’t have time to manage it all.

We charge a flat fee to act in your best interests and project manage your financial service providers to call out the conflicts of interest. We take the paperwork off your hands and through this approach help you become financially well organised. If you’re ready to play a bigger game and take it to another level we are here to help.

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